Vinyl (PVC) Fences

Vinyl, or PVC (PolyVinylChloride), fences are the newest type of fencing to the industry. Wood fences offer privacy, chain link fences are known for security, and aluminum fences are more of a beautification product, but vinyl fences are able to offer all of these benefits. Available in a variety of heights, styles, colors and textures, you can purchase a fence that looks like stained wood (wood grains and all), but barely requires any maintenance.

You may have heard the claim that vinyl is “virtually maintenance free”. This means that the only maintenance needed for a vinyl fence is a periodic cleaning (usually as simple as spraying a hose at the fence to remove any dirt). Harder stains can be scrubbed with a common household cleaning product called Soft Scrub® and then simply sprayed clean with a hose. If you are a customer in need of privacy your two basic options are vinyl or wood. The vinyl fence will most likely require more money up front, but the cost of maintaining the wood fence would surpass the cost of the vinyl after staining the fence twice in most cases, depending on footage.

bufftech logo

Sadler Fence and Staining LLC is a proud installer of Bufftech™ fences. Certainteed™ Bufftech™ offers a large line of fences in about 45 different styles, 12 distinct colors and a number of different textures. Below you can see pictures of a few fences that we installed, but you can access their full internet brochure for more.

There are a few qualities of a Bufftech™ fence that sets it aside from the others. Built for quality and durability, Bufftech™ fences feature routed posts so the cross rails of each section are actually locked into the posts as opposed to some brands that feature panels attached to posts with a bracket system. Bufftech™ fences are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.  Bufftech™ fences also feature a steel-reinforced bottom rail which eliminates the possibility of sagging and bowing. By purchasing a Bufftech™ fence you can be sure that you are purchasing a high-quality product that will last for many years. Bufftech™ designs its fences to be beautiful, durable and backs up their claims with a limited lifetime transferrable warranty. Certainteed™ also uses a program called SureStart™, guaranteeing they will cover all warranted repair or replacement costs, including labor, for a period of five years after installation.

IMG_0122Photo: Bufftech™ “fandeck” showing available colors and textures

IMG_2158Photo: Bufftech™ 5 foot high white imperial fence

IMG_1330Photo: Bufftech™ Danbury spaced picket fence

IMG_2409Photo: Bufftech™ 6 foot high almond New Lexington privacy fence

IMG_0787Photo: Bufftech™ 6 foot high white New Lexington privacy fence

IMG_2245Photo: Bufftech™ 6 foot high white New Lexington privacy fence

IMG_0625Photo: Bufftech™ 6 foot high white New Lexington privacy fence

bufftech victorian white

Photo: Bufftech™ 4 foot high white Victorian spaced picket fence

bufftech almond rothbury

Photo: Bufftech™ 4 foot high Rothbury concave. Color: Almond

Bufftech Danbury concave sierra blend

Photo: Bufftech™ 4 foot high Danbury concave. Color: Sierra Blend