Code of Ethics

Sadler Fence and Staining LLC will promote sustainable products and services for the betterment of the company and the community.

Some guidelines for employee conduct:

• Act with professionalism and treat others with honesty and integrity

• Always focus on safety first and make all efforts to maintain a safe working environment

• Finishing a job quickly is less important than finishing it correctly

• Communicate with your co-workers, office, and customers

• Respect the unique customs and traditions of everyone that you interact with

• Use sales practices that promote fair competition

• Always strive to abide by the full letter of the law

The above guidelines are only suggestions for acting ethically in the workplace. Use common sense or ask what action you should take if you are unsure.

Sadler Fence and Staining LLC will operate and make business decisions based on a Triple Bottom Line (TBL) theory. This allows us to focus on the impact of our choices from three aspects: Economy, Environment, and Society. All three areas deserve equal ethical consideration.

Being economically and financially stable allows a company the stay in business, grow, and continue to make a contribution to the community.

Environmentally-friendly decisions are important for the integrity of future generations, legal considerations and helps to maintain a healthy company image.

Making sure business operation is acceptable and offers a positive contribution to society helps to create public interest in the business and makes any stakeholders connected with the business to feel good about their position.

One method that Sadler Fence and Staining LLC will use to deter any negative effects on the environment is called an Environmental Management System (EMS). Specific information on this method can be found on

EMSs are tools that companies and agencies use to see all of the ways that their products and services affect the environment. The goal of using an EMS program is to understand and record impacts and make incremental positive improvements to these.

Any action performed by a business affects the natural and physical environment in one way or another. A company needs to understand the life cycle of each product it sells and each type of material it uses. The effects of a Product Life Cycle Analysis should be researched and environmentally-friendly products sought out. Every organism on the planet is affected by the scope of an EMS program.

At Sadler Fence and Staining LLC, we realize that we do not operate in a perfect world. Problems and mistakes are common. People are not machines in that they cannot produce a perfect result in every situation.

Our first promise is to make our best effort to do things correctly the first time we attempt them.

Our second promise is to make our best effort to correct any mistakes that we do make.