Pool Codes Related to Fences

If you are having a pool installed, you should check with local building codes as to how the pool needs to be enclosed.

Pool codes vary nationally and locally, but this is a good link to check out: http://www.louispage.com/Portals/10240/docs/boca%20code%20for%20pools%20PDF.pdf

Barriers and Fencing for Swimming Pools
Section 421.10.1 BOCA National Building Code
MAy 1999

We have outlined some of the major points of fence related pool codes below:

        • Overall fence height must be at least 48 inches from finished grade. The fence is generally kept 48’’ or higher off of the concrete apron surrounding in-ground pools when being installed close to the concrete.

        • Any openings in the barrier (fence) shall not allow the passage of a four inch diameter object. This applies to any openings, such as in gate areas or near buildings or other structures.

        • Wood fences and other fences with horizontal cross rails need to be installed with this side facing into the yard or toward the pool. Basically this rule means the fence shouldn’t be able to be used as a ladder to get into the pool area. This rule does not apply if the spacing between the horizontal rails exceeds 45 inches.

        • Spacing in between pickets (or other vertical elements) should not exceed 2¾ inches.

        • Any latches used for gates need to be installed 54 inches above grade. (see below picture) That latch is called a Magna Latch and is designed for applications around pools.

       • Extra codes apply when installing a double-drive gate in your pool fence. A locking drop-rod may be required or a local code enforcement officer may have other requirements.

        • These are only general guidelines for installing a fence with pool safety in mind. There are other codes which apply to buildings with doors that allow access to a pool area. There may be other codes that apply to your local area. You can be sure that we look into area-specific building codes when you have Sadler Fence and Staining install your pool fence.

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