Red Cedar

Red Cedar is a popular type of wood to use for building fences. I had the pleasure of taking a tour at TMI Forest Products, the largest producer and distributor of Red Cedar boards in North America. TMI is located in Washington State and exclusively produces Western Red Cedar boards. Their facility is quite amazing, producing a full pallet of Western Red Cedar boards every six minutes! Each log is brought into the factory and then cut into manageable pieces. Each plank goes through an elaborate computer system which communicates with each saw and cuts each plank into the most ideal sizes (based on quality of the lumber). This computer optimization system allows TMI to use every part of each log brought in, producing virtually no waste products. The dissected logs are then sorted by size and a number of different grades, eventually being neatly stacked on pallets and distributed across North America.

TMI ships the Western Red Cedar to our distributor, Sharon Fence, located in Tonawanda, NY.

Some of the many benefits of choosing a Red Cedar Fence:

•  The color, grain, texture, and smell of Red Cedar is unique and unmatched by other species of wood

•  Red Cedar is naturally weather and termite-resistant, although a coat of stain is still recommended in order to prevent mildew and algae growth

Ced 1Photo: 6 foot high red cedar convex fence 

Ced 2Photo: 6 foot high red cedar convex fence stained with Behr Weatherproofing Natural transparent stain